Vision BioBanc Holdings Inc. is a Puerto Rico corporation formed primarily to serve as a holding company for certain Banks that it has established or acquired and which make loans and equity-linked loans in target market and middle-market companies primarily in the healthcare sector.

The Company’s investment objective is to generate returns on loaned capital for its shareholders. This provides the capability for the Company to deliver significantly enhanced returns. The Company invests directly or via the Banks, in the Healthcare sector with a focus on public and private BioPharma, Medtech, Health Services and other low-binary risk companies. We invest in companies which are ready to commercialize. We also add value through Strategic Advisory services provided by the Investment Advisor, and capture that value through pre-arranged investments and subsequent exit. It is anticipated that Vision BioBanc investors will monetize their investment through an IPO, a private sale of the Company or its assets, or through periodic share repurchases. To achieve its objectives, the lending entities and/or the banking institutions under its ownership (Lending Entities) will leverage the Investment Adviser’s extensive network of relationships with other sophisticated institutions to source, evaluate and, as appropriate, partner with on transactions. The Company intends to maintain rigorous monitoring of portfolio companies.

Leveraging Relationships Across Healthcare

The Lending Entities seek mainly loan based opportunities within the healthcare sector, which spans biopharmaceuticals, medical technologies, diagnostics, healthcare services and life sciences, any of which are at identifiable strategic or commercial inflection points. The Investment Advisor’s team has developed a broad and deep network of relationships throughout the healthcare and hospital sectors and the investment communities with which these industries are involved. The Lending Entities will leverage these relationships across these communities to exploit situations in which companies with established, unique, and highly commercializable technologies: (a) are on the verge of entering into a strategic partnership with a major company/entity which could facilitate significant commercialization and greatly increase the company’s value; or (b) can benefit from the Investment Advisor’s relationships to effect a strategic partnership/relationship with a major company/entity which likely results in significantly higher levels of commercialization and increased value.

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