VISION BioBanc: Specialty Investors to the Healthcare & Tech Sectors

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    The Capability to Deliver Significantly Enhanced Returns

    We primarily invest through a regulated structure that offers enhanced returns from structured notes that are supported by deposit leverage.

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    Adding Value through Partnering and Strategic Advisory

    By partnering globally with various strategic and financial syndicates, primarily in the healthcare sector, we are able to deliver value to our investors.

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    Transitional Growth

    We focus on companies capable of IPO or being acquired in the near term. Adding value by guiding companies through multi-jurisdictional listings and global strategic and governmental partnerships.

    Strategic Synergy

    We create partnerships externally and internally among our portfolio companies to multiply value.

    VISION BioBanc Aim

    Vision BioBanc Holdings seeks global innovation in healthcare, creating partnerships in regions of the world often overlooked.

    Accelerating Growth of Emerging Healthcare Companies

    Partnering with healthcare industry leaders throughout the world.

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    Experienced VISION BioBanc management team reduces​ investment risks and provides high-growth strategy​ investing across various healthcare sectors.​


    By cross-collateralizing risks in our portfolio, we can leverage assets that would otherwise not have the resources to grow in various global markets. Our goal is to create value through a portfolio of investments which promote partnering through group offerings, overseas investment, and government contracting across multiple sectors of the healthcare industry.

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    Our Advantage

    We leverage capital with bank deposits and optimize tax treatment across a portfolio of investments actively and strategically managed for enhanced returns.


    Participation in Healthcare Private Equity at much lower investment levels and with shorter investment horizons.

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    Capturing value by investing in companies which we can guide through strategic partnerships, JV’s and eventual IPO’s or acquisitions.

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    Able to deliver significantly enhanced returns utilizing our bank structure to invest a combination of equity capital and bank deposits.

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    Optimal Tax

    Designed to receive optimal tax treatment for both earnings and reinvestment.

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    Opportunities for investor shares to be repurchased annually*.

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    Subject to rigorous bank regulatory oversight.

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